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Snowboarding pants are outdoor clothing specially customized to meet the needs of snowboarders.

These specialized garments for the lower body are used by snowboarders practically for comfort and safety reasons. Snowboarding is a physically demanding sport which requires enough protection from the cold weather and other outside forces, thus the main purpose of Snowboarding Pants is to keep the body warm, dry, and protected against crashes. It should also help maintain the body's Thermal Equilibrium.

The best way to maintain the body's Thermal Equilibrium is through the Three Layer System. The Three Layer System means that the clothing has three different layers with equally unique and important functions and purposes. In the case of Snowboarding Pants, the first layer, also called the base layer, is the one with direct contact to the skin. Its purpose is to wick moisture away from the skin and keep the body dry and comfortable. The second layer, or the insulation layer, also keeps moisture away from the body, but more importantly it provides insulation and warmth for the body from the cold weather by trapping the body heat. The third and outer layer of the Snowboarding Pants, also called the outer shell, is the one in direct contact to the outside environment. This layer should be water- and windproof, but at the same time should allow the body to breathe and wick away accumulated moisture.

The best Snowboarding Pants depends one one’s personal needs and specific conditions like weather and location. Snowboarding pants available in the market are offered in different types, different specialized functions, and specific fabric and materials. For instance, when Snowboarding at night, the best pair should have reflective material since it make one easier to spot in the dark. When out in cold weather, or for people who easily gets cold, one could add an extra-lining for the pants. Wearing a base layer bottom underneath the Snowboarding Pants will also provide more heat on chilly days. Snowboarding pants with lots of pockets are also available to those who need to carry many items with them.

These are other things to consider in a pair Snowboarding Pants:

  • Fabric
  • Fit
  • Water-Resistant Features




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