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A snowboarding jacket is a piece of clothing worn by athletes and people who are into the sport of snowboarding. And since it can be quite chilly up in the snow-covered slopes, and more especially so as one rushes down the slants, a protective gear should be worn.

There are many types of snowboarding jackets, with various features as well. However, there are a few standard elements that are basically present in all snowboarding jackets.

First, a snowboarding jacket should be lightweight. It is a given that it should be able to resist water and wind, but it must do so while maintaining a reasonable, if not insubstantial, addition to its weight.

It should also have the proper parts that a snowboarder will need when riding: several pockets (to store essentials in, be it water, goggles, or a music player), a hood to keep the rider’s head warm, and a powder skirt to prevent fine snow from wetting the pants.

A snowboarding jacket should also be well-insulated to keep the snowboarder warm enough to move. At the same time it should also have vents in the places where the rider will need it most. In some designs it is in the underarm area, and in some pieces it is on the front, re-sealable by a flap.

Some designs go the extra mile by having compass pockets, music pockets (they have specific lines to keep the tiny cables snug and close to the body), wrist gaiters, and wrap-around side seams to prevent cloth damage when the rider carries his snowboard on his side.

Lastly, the jacket should also reflect the personality of the wearer. It should be stylish in that it’s available in the size and color that he fancies and has all the aesthetic facets he might want (like a tiny “garage” for that water-resistant zipper).





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